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Hello! February 15, 2014

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For years, my friends would tell me “Can you please share you recipe with me?”, “Please email me the recipe!”, “You should start a recipe blog!” etc. But due to procrastination, writer’s block and perhaps the long hours at work (yeah, just an excuse), I’m only finally doing this.

Most of these recipes are family recipes, my own or modifications of other recipes.

Head to my other blog tractorqueenrecipes.wordpress.com now! 🙂


Upcoming entries February 26, 2010

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Hi all. Been quite hectic the past few days, hence me being MIA. Anyway, two upcoming entries will touch on Chinese New Year (Sarawak  style)  and abput the love & art of karaoke. 🙂


WordPress for iPhone & iPod Touch February 22, 2010

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Just installed the WordPress app for iPhone & iPod Touch. Probably easier to blog on the go whenever I see something interesting. 🙂


Hello world! February 21, 2010

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Hello hello! Finding my way around WordPress. Have not blogged for over a year, let’s hope my writing skill are still intact, no thanks to the endless days on Twitter! LOL.

So sit back and and I hope you enjoy my little musings about the little things that makes this melting pot awesome. 🙂

PS: My “R” key seems to be stuck the past one day, please excuse any typos. 🙂