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Hello! February 15, 2014

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For years, my friends would tell me “Can you please share you recipe with me?”, “Please email me the recipe!”, “You should start a recipe blog!” etc. But due to procrastination, writer’s block and perhaps the long hours at work (yeah, just an excuse), I’m only finally doing this.

Most of these recipes are family recipes, my own or modifications of other recipes.

Head to my other blog tractorqueenrecipes.wordpress.com now! 🙂


Lack Of Discipline To Blog October 4, 2013

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Hmmm…. haven’t been in here for ages! I drafted this on Sept 20th 2012 and today’s already October 5th 2013!! LOL. It’s coz I’ve been so coped up in life and my career. Life in TV boradcasting sure takes up all my time. not that I mind, I love my job!


Must find something to write one of these days… LOL… And why do I have so many blogs anyway? A few on blogger, two on tumblr, here, livejournal, eh… where else ya? LOL…