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When faith, beliefs and science collide June 10, 2015

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Obviously I haven’t blogged in forever but I just need to let out some steam.

I just need to rant after reading all sorts of infuriating comments on the recent earthquake + nudist issue. I’ve seen name calling, degrading other people’s cultures and beliefs, blaming religion, illiteracy, political rants etc. Maybe I’ll be just another mosquito in the forest, maybe I’ll be a voice that’s heard, it doesn’t matter coz I just want to step on my soap box and chip my to cents in.


Ah… who wants to see naked people in public? No matter what country you are in, most countries tell you to keep your dangly bits and saggy (or overly perky) tits private. As we all know, in the west, it is accepted to be nude in public places THAT ARE DESIGNATED for that sole purpose i.e. nude beaches.

Asians are more conservative and nudity is something private, not to be shared for the whole world. Like many countries around the world, there are laws that forbids public nudity. Offences that involve nudity (or in any state of undress) in Malaysia isn’t something new. We’ve had seen a few people being charged with indecent exposure, committing obscene act in public space, exhibitionism etc. There have been cases like the couple taking wedding photos in their under garment, woman walking naked in the city, the bunch involved in a nudist event, the girl who refused to pay for her food therefore she stripped etc. And yes, they did get fined, punished, jailed or institutionalized accordingly.

So what makes these tourist special that they are safe from the law when the law says no public nudity? Not only that, they also peed there and made fun of the situation What infuriates many in is that they had committed those acts on a mountain deemed sacred to the indigenous people. Rituals and customary rites are often performed there and the mountain is revered as the home of the people’s ancestor.

How would you feel if someone came naked to you church, temple etc? Would you like it if someone peed on your ancestor’s final resting place? You’d probably say nah, it’s just nonsense. Well it IS someone else’s religion and believe like how you have your own religion and beliefs. Then again, this world is so short of tolerance on beliefs that aren’t parallel to theirs. Now THAT is what I call lack of understanding due to lack of exposure and education on other people’s religions and beliefs.


Now many people think that Malaysians are Muslims, which is untrue. While the Peninsular is home to a majority of Muslims, East Malaysia @ Sabah & Sarawak have more diverse community with more than 30 races, most of which are the indigenous tribes. However, a large majority of these people have converted to other mainstream religions including Islam & Christianity. There are also many who still practice pagan religions, which if you had paid attention in school, are roots to many mainstream religions now.

One thing that is unique to the Asian region is how faith, beliefs and customs are intertwined to make who we are. For example, I am a Christian Chinese but I’ve been brought up with the believe that forests and mountains are sacred for there are many things/creatures live there but they are unseen to us except for those with ‘the gift’. There are just somethings you don’t argue with.

Ask someone who frequents such places and they will tell you of the ‘protocols’- no shouting, no arguing, don’t misbehave, don’t simply pee anywhere you like, don’t destroy the flora & fauna, don’t pick plants etc. This is to make sure you don’t anger the spirits of the forest. Sometimes you’d see food offerings at the foot of a tree- those are to appease the spirits.

As such, what the nude tourists had done were seen as angering the spirits/gods thus causing the earthquake. Obviously we know the scientific causes of earthquake, Malaysia has a 93.1% literacy rate. But even though we don’t believe that the act of nudity caused the earthquake, we are still angered by their disrespectful behavior. We might not believe in their gods, but we respect the people’s beliefs and respect their sacred places. It’s like disrespecting a Buddhist shrine, Mecca or the Vatican. Something like that.

Laugh all you like but remember, these are the beliefs of others. Do you know how ridiculous our own religious practices seem to others that do not practice it? Precisely.

So the bottom line is when you’re on our land, respect our beliefs and practices. We will also do that on yours. We won’t lose anything to learn and understand the beliefs and practices of the people whose land we are visiting. Ignorance can be bliss but it makes us stupid. Like the saying goes, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”.

Let us believe in what we believe and respect what others believe in. Life would be idyllic if only we all can do so.

So instead of spewing all these negativity why don’t we all just channel positivity, good thoughts and prayers for those affected by the quake, especially those that have lost their lost ones. May their souls rest in peace.

This rant is brought to you by my insomnia.


*steps off soap box*


Hello! February 15, 2014

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For years, my friends would tell me “Can you please share you recipe with me?”, “Please email me the recipe!”, “You should start a recipe blog!” etc. But due to procrastination, writer’s block and perhaps the long hours at work (yeah, just an excuse), I’m only finally doing this.

Most of these recipes are family recipes, my own or modifications of other recipes.

Head to my other blog tractorqueenrecipes.wordpress.com now! 🙂


Lack Of Discipline To Blog October 4, 2013

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Hmmm…. haven’t been in here for ages! I drafted this on Sept 20th 2012 and today’s already October 5th 2013!! LOL. It’s coz I’ve been so coped up in life and my career. Life in TV boradcasting sure takes up all my time. not that I mind, I love my job!


Must find something to write one of these days… LOL… And why do I have so many blogs anyway? A few on blogger, two on tumblr, here, livejournal, eh… where else ya? LOL…


Lack of updates… July 18, 2010

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I apologize for the lack of updates…

Life has been a rollercoaster. In the past few months since I loast blogged, I’ve gone from unemployed to a ‘trainee’ at a training course for unemployed graduates to an intern on a TV at one of the TV stations in the country. I’ve gone from a small town girl (i.e. Miri) to a city girl (i.e Kuching, my hometown, where the training was held) to a small town girl fighting for survival in the big city.

I used to spend 20 hours a day on the internet.Now I spend approximately 11-12 hours a day, Monday to Friday and about 5 to 6 hours every Sunday at work. That’s roughly 60 to 66 hours a week working. I start work at 7am, hence leaving to catch the bus at 6am. I hope to be able to find time to write, amidst my TV job (not very glamour, I work as a crew member as well as a broadcast journalist) and the piles of tapes to go through and scripts to write.

Do leave a note to say hi or something sometimes. Maybe some day I might write about my culture shock meeting celebrities! 🙂


Upcoming entries February 26, 2010

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Hi all. Been quite hectic the past few days, hence me being MIA. Anyway, two upcoming entries will touch on Chinese New Year (Sarawak  style)  and abput the love & art of karaoke. 🙂


Locations, locations, locations! February 22, 2010

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Before I start blogging big time, let’s talk about location, which is just as important as it is in real estate, coz each location has it’s own quicks, wonders and impacts in my life. 🙂

Map of Malaysia

Map from Nations Online.

MALAYSIA: My beloved country. A former British colony. Made up of Malaya/West Malaysia (gained independence in 1957), Sabah and Sarawak (states gained independence in 1963, when the Confederate of Malaysia was formed, together with Malaya). Tropical climate, mostly sunshine all year round except for a few months of monsoon weather.  More about Malaysia here.

KUALA LUMPUR: Capital of Malaysia, where the Federal government is based, as well as being business central, media & entertainment hub.

SARAWAK: The biggest state in Malaysia. Where I have lived most of my life, in various different towns and cities.

KUCHING: Capital of f Sarawak, my beloved home town. I was born there in 1984. Lived there from ages 4-15. Went to Kindergarten (some times referred to as Kindie), Primary school (grade school) and Lower secondary school (I supposed this would be middle high/ years 7-9). Current location.

LIMBANG: A small, quiet little town on the north of the state of Sarawak. Lived there from a few weeks old til I was 4. Borders with Brunei.

MIRI: A newly minted city (2005) north of Sarawak, approx 3-4 hours before you reach Limbang, borders with Brunei too. Lived here aged 17+- 21+ when I went to university here. Move back in 2009. Current location (as of today), parental unit are based here as of 2009.

BRUNEI: A small oil rich country situation in between the Limbang and Miri. Population 388,000+

BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN:  Capital of Brunei, where a majority of the population are based. Also known as Bandar or BSB. Lived there ages  15+ – 17+ & 21-25. Completed upper secondary (high school/ Years 10-11) . Moved back there after graduation, work there for two years before moving back to Miri.

BORNEO ISLAND: Borneo is the third largest island in the world, with beautiful beaches and lush rainforest. Sarawak & Brunei are located on Borneo and Miri city is actually built along the coast of the South China Sea. The sea is roughly about two minutes from my current house. 🙂

These are the major locations which I will blog about, as I have lived and experience life there. Should there be any other locations being blogged about, I will of course give a brief background. 🙂

*edited: added Borneo

** edited: Added map, link and changed location to Kuching.


WordPress for iPhone & iPod Touch

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Just installed the WordPress app for iPhone & iPod Touch. Probably easier to blog on the go whenever I see something interesting. 🙂


Hello world! February 21, 2010

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Hello hello! Finding my way around WordPress. Have not blogged for over a year, let’s hope my writing skill are still intact, no thanks to the endless days on Twitter! LOL.

So sit back and and I hope you enjoy my little musings about the little things that makes this melting pot awesome. 🙂

PS: My “R” key seems to be stuck the past one day, please excuse any typos. 🙂